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Animal Survival - Part II

Let us look at how some animals take care of their eggs and young

Frog lay slimy eggs.  The slimy covering will then be eaten by the tadpoles when the eggs hatch.

Cockroaches lay their eggs and hide them in dark places such as in the cupboard.

Birds feed their young until the young can fly out of the nest to find their own food.

Elephants stay in their herds.  

How does this behaviour protect their cubs?
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Kangaroos carry their joeys in their pouches since birth.  They nurse their joeys with milk.  Joeys will be safe and warm in the pouch until they are too big to fit into the pouch.

Male snakeheads keep their young in their mouth to protect them.

A tiger mother will take care of her cubs until they are six to eight weeks old.  Attacking the enemies is a way the mother tries to protect its cubs.

Animals take care of their eggs and young from being eaten or destroyed by their enemies.  This will ensure the survival of their species.

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