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Exercise 1

Choose the correct answer.

1.  Which of the following is the meaning of survival of the species?

     A  Animals reproducing their offspring.
     B  Animals looking  after their offspring.
     C  The relationship between the animals and the plants for their needs to survive.
     D  The ability to survive so as to maintain the descendants of the plants and animals.

2.  The picture shows a species of an animal.


      How does this animal take care of its offspring?
      A  By attacking their enemy.
      B  By feeding their young ones.
      C  By keeping them in their mouth.
      D  By hiding their eggs in dark places.

3.  Why do animals take care of their offspring?

     A  To play with them.
     B  To help each other.
     C  To eat them when they grow big.
     D  To prevent them form extinction.

4.  The picture shows a toad.

     Which other animal protects its eggs in a way similar to the animal shown in the picture?
     A  Birds                  C  Snake
     B  Turtle                  D Grasshopper

5.  The following is a description about animal X.

  •      Lays eggs at high places
  •      Incubate their eggs
  •      Feeds its young
  •      Looks after its young until they can live on their own

     Which of the following could be animal X ?
     A  Hen         C  Duck
     B  Bird        D  Lizard

6.  Why do the plant species need to disperse their seeds far away from the parent plants?

     I    To get enough food
     II   To get enough sunlight
     III  To reduce the overcrowding of plants at one place
     A  I and II            C  II and III
     B  I and III           D  I, II and III

7.  The picture shows a balsam plant dispersing its seeds.


     What is the method of dispersal of seeds shown in the picture?

     A  Explosive mechanism
     B  By animals
     C  By water
     D  By wind

8.  What is the importance of dispersal of seed?

     A  For survival
     B  For protection
     C  For adaptation
     D  For development

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